VomitRadio is the creation of Eric Egenes, veteran of Metal Radio for over 25 years.

Eric started playing hard music on the airwaves at KUNM Radio in Albuquerque, New Mexico back in 1987, was Metal Music Director, hosted the show "Radio Nightmares" and gained a large listenership playing the best in underground metal, punk and alternative rock. He left Albuquerque in 1989 to attend broadcasting school in Portland, OR for about a year, and then returned to Albuquerque to work at KBAC, the top Alternative Rock station in Northern New Mexico at the time. In 1992, Eric started working for KZRQ, the Z-Rock affiliate in Albuquerque and eventually ended up with the Music Director title. He programmed heavy music within the format (the stuff most of his co-workers hated, but had a large fanbase in Albuquerque). Needless to say it didn't last. Eric then landed the Program Director job at WTZR (another Z-Rock affiliate) in Scranton, PA., in 1994. He started programming heavy music into the format and started a weekly show called the "Weekend Powersurge" (with the air name 'Johnny Kilgore'). The management of the station and the Z-Rock network didn't like this, of course, and tried to pressure him to change to a 'listener friendly alternative format'....which he refused to do. Of course, soon after the premiere of his show, he was fired.

In 1995, Eric ended up working overnights at KTEG, The Edge, in Albuquerque, again as 'Johnny Kilgore'. After a year and 3 months, dealing with overbearing program directors who never gave him a raise or any amount of respect, getting turned down for better airshifts, he got tired of the shit and totally snapped. He took over the radio station for over 2 hours and played nothing but the heaviest of metal. The phones blew off the hook in support...even the next morning when the morning show came in, they also interviewed him live on the air to get the whole story (to quote from the interview "Sometimes you gotta grab the bull by the horns and give him a swift kick in the nads"). Of course he was fired the next day, but with a smile on his face. Eric left commercial radio with a vengeance! Five trade journals covered the story (Gavin Report, Album Network, F Magazine, Hard Report and FMQB) and he even got a mention on a local TV station's morning news program. The Edge was getting slammed with phone calls for months afterwards, eventually causing them to get a new request line number and change dial frequency. To this day, the 'Legend of Johnny Kilgore' lives on (audio of this takeover exists and will be released someday). Over the next three years, Eric was blackballed in the local radio industry, so he worked as a strip club DJ, went to school to learn about computers, and worked in customer service for a major corporate online service. During this time, he came up with VomitRadio. He wanted to make his dream come true and have his own radio station. A station where he could bring his idea to the world on how radio should be done.

On January 1, 2000, VomitRadio.com launched to the world featuring the best in metal, punk, industrial, hardcore, and also unsigned bands.

Radio was never the same again.


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