May 4, 2000

To Mr. Thomas J. Cole and His Band of Cronies,

         I'd like to thank the Albuquerque Journal for their articles about the Death Metal Scene!!! ( )
         I just have one question...where were you idiots about 4 years ago when I played this music in protest on a certain major radio station in this town? Or about 14 years ago when I was playing this music over the airwaves on a certain college station in this town. What a bunch of journalistic slackasses!! I could have used the press!!!!!
         Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Eric Egenes. Founder and President of I also went by the name of Johnny Kilgore on a certain nameless dredge of a radio station a few years ago. I took over that station and played Death Metal for a couple of hours in disgust with management. Needless to say they were flooded with calls in support of my actions, and I was of course fired and boycotted from commercial radio in this town. No big loss because the stations all suck here anyway.  Now I'm back with my own station ( ).
         That article gave me the biggest laugh!!! Don't you idiots're just going to make Death Metal bigger and stronger!  I'd just like to point out the obvious, because history hasn't taught you boneheads a lesson: Bad publicity = Big Profits. Does 2 Live Crew ring a bell? Does Gangsta Rap ring a bell? Does the PMRC ring a bell? Probably not. Sounds like yer ringer is a lil' bit rusty.
Haven't you figured out that Junior will eat up what Mommy and Daddy hates? Death Metal was pretty much ignored by the mainstream media...until now. Thanks for the press, it'll make stations like mine more famous.
         Kids rebel against parents. There isn't enough Ritalin or Prozac in the world to stop that. It's how the parents raise their children, not the music or TV, that makes the kids go psycho. Haven't you watched Jerry Springer or any of the TV talk shows lately? The parents of these 'bad kids' are usually whack-jobs themselves. They're letting the media raise their kids. They put Junior in front of the TV and go off to party the night away, avoid responsibility and turn a blind eye to the real problem.  They may just want to talk to them like individuals and not down to them like a house pet. Maybe intelligent conversations instead of bitching and whining about everything in their lives may make a better impact on the kids. And if all else fails, the fear of having the crap kicked out of me from my parents for doing something really bad usually worked when I was a kid. There were no 'time-outs' in my household. 'Fear Of The Belt' was good enough... It kept my ass out of trouble!
         From that article, it seems like most of the kids see this as entertainment in a dull society. When you're force-fed candy canes and Kool-aid, you start to crave a little meat now and then. It's articles like that and that sugary, mindless pap that comes out for entertainment nowadays that make the kids crave the carnage. At least Death Metal is interesting!
         I've been a fan of metal for almost 20 years. I've watched horror and gore films. I've been to an endless amount of death metal concerts. I've never killed anyone or sacrificed anything. It's entertainment. ..Nothing more. Something to make the wheels of life grease up a little bit better. It's a release from the everyday hassles that this world can put upon people. Country Music causes bar fights, wife beatings, and sheep fornication...I suggest you go after that also. Teenie-Bopper music causes brain death ...I suggest you also really attack that. It's a major problem in this country...Teenage Brain-Death. It's caused by listening to mindless corporate pap like the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, or Britney Spears. Has any of them put an intelligent thought on disc yet, I think not. Oh yeah...don't forget that Classical Music has caused Narcolepsy in children for years...Blues causes depression... Jazz causes reefer and heroin usage...Folk Music causes people to not bathe properly.... Disco causes bad fashion sense....etc. etc.
         Please print more articles slamming Death Metal!!! Also look into Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Goth Metal, Punk, and anything else that makes you and your cronies cringe with terror and disgust. I'll just play those songs on my lil' internet radio station and laugh at the articles when my listenership goes up and I'm riding in the limo to the bank in the near future, doing what Corporate America has done best for years...capitalizing of the stupidity of people like you. And if you don't like it, tough's called Freedom of the Constitution sometimes. It's a written document that has caused dissention for many years.
Feel free to send your hate mail to:
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Albuquerque, NM 87199-3006.
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Eric Egenes